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The Skills4Retail project, an Erasmus + Partnerships for Innovation Funded project, bringing together 29 partners, will focus on fast-tracking the ‘Triple Transition’ of Green, Digital and Resilience in the Retail sector, helping retailers to embrace ecommerce and ensuring their new business models are sustainable from the start.

The project's goal is to design a new Retail Skills Strategy and VET Training Programme that will address the urgent and emerging skills needs of retailers in the key areas of Digital, Green and Resilience. It will focus on training fresh new talent for the sector through training programmes in VET Schools and Higher Education Institutions, and the reskilling of the existing workforce via work based learning and short-term modular courses. The programme will be market and industry demand-led at its core, continuously adapting and evolving to address current and future industry needs and supporting European Retailers to achieve long term growth, competitiveness and sustainability through digital and green transformation.

Accelerating the Triple Transition in European Retail through skills

Roundtable Discussion Skills4Retail Date: September 12, 8.30-10.00 CETLocation: Sparks , 60 Rue Ravenstein, 1000 Brussels

Skills4Retail Roundtable Event Objectives

The objective of this roundtable is to bring together prominent policymakers, business leaders, and practitioners to discuss and reflect on tomorrow's world and how we can prepare young people for the rapidly-changing labour market trends with a specific focus on the retail sector looking at the triple transition thru skills.

Moderator: Diana Filip, Deputy CEO JA Europe

Opening remarks: Salvatore Nigro, CEO JA Europe


Christel Delberghe — EuroCommerce Director General

Joanna Zawistowska — European Commission Policy Officer, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Food, Retail, Health (GROW F3)

Felix Rohn — European Commission Policy Officer Skills Agenda, DG Employment

Lionel Bodin — Managing Director Europe, Accenture Development Partnerships (Consortium Partner)

Mark Jordan — Chief Strategy Officer, Skillnet Ireland (Consortium Partner)

Janis Krievans, JA Latvia CEO and Chair of the JA Board of Executives (Consortium Partner)


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Map of location here

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